The Benefits Of Sugaring – A Sexy Skin Treat That’s Good Enough To Eat

If you’ve been looking for one of the safest, cheapest, and best way to remove facial and body hair, then read on.

Sugaring is a hair removal technique used by ancient Egyptians since the beginning of time. It offers you all the benefits of waxing minus the heat, expense, hard removal, and pain. Still deciding if sugaring suits you?

The following are the benefits of sugaring so you can decide if this type of hair removal technique is for you:

No heating required – sugaring wax can safely and effectively remove hair from its roots at room temperature, but you may warm it to your liking if you wish. Just make sure you don’t warm it too much.

All-natural – the basic ingredients of sugaring wax are sugar, water, and lemon juice: all of which are good for your skin! You don’t need to worry about allergic reactions with sugar wax. Check commercially prepared kits if they added extra ingredients, many of which aren’t really unnecessary.

Finer and less itchy hair regrowth – scratching is SO not sexy! Surprisingly, the hairs that grow back after sugaring don’t feel itchy, as opposed to hair regrowth with shaving. Since hair is removed at the root, the hair grows back thinner and more tender unlike when you shave where they become harder and thicker.

Less painful than waxing – since sugar wax adheres only to the hair, removal is less painful compared to waxing because the latter adheres not only to the hair but also to the skin.

Clearer, smoother, and lighter skin – Shaving makes hair growth thicker and longer in as little as 24 hours. Sugaring helps facilitate the exfoliating action of the skin because it takes dirt and dead skin with it along with the hair. Since the ‘sugar wax’ contains lemon, continuous use aids in lightening the skin.

Can be done at home – all you need to get started are strips of tough cloth like muslin, an applicator (a good spatula or tongue depressor will do), and the sugaring wax which you can buy commercially or make at home by yourself.

Easy clean-up – unlike wax, sugar wax is water-soluble. All you need is water to rinse, after which you’re good to go. Wax has a lot of other ingredients in it so water isn’t enough, making it longer and harder to remove.

For all body parts – sugaring can be done on the eyebrows, mustache, legs, underarms, chest, bikini area, upper lip, stomach – literally any part of the body you want to be rid of hair. The only exception is the beard, for which shaving is best, because of the different hair follicle pattern in that area.

No chicken skin – Shaving causes your pores to pop out, creating a goose bump-like texture on the skin’s surface known as “chicken skin.” With sugaring, the smoothness of your skin is maintained while you effectively take out the hair.

Doesn’t darken underarms like shaving does – sugaring doesn’t traumatize underarm skin like a shaver blade so skin won’t turn dark. Sugar wax formulas with lemon even help lighten the skin.

Hair grows back slower – after sugaring, it takes 2-4 weeks for hair to grow again since it was removed from its roots, allowing you to enjoy hair-free skin longer while cutting down on the frequency of removing your hair.

Friendlier for problematic skin – sugaring can be done on people with skin conditions that do not qualify for waxing such as varicose veins, rosacea, eczema. Less hair breakage occurs with sugaring and fewer ingrowns since hair is pulled in the direction of its growth.

Also, the sugar wax never adheres to live skin cells unlike waxing, where there is always a risk of burns.

No razor burn – shavers and razors are famous for leaving a certain after-sting. There’s no such thing as painless hair removal, but razor burns are non-existent with sugaring. The only two requirements are not wetting your skin and not applying anything for 24 hours after you sugar.

No black visible stubbles left by shaving – shaving to remove hair feels like an unfinished job: you still manage to see the roots underneath the shaven hair, looking like icky blackheads. When you sugar (which you’ll probably have to repeat a couple of times to remove all hair), the end result will still look cleaner because there won’t be any stubbles.

More convenient than plucking – tweezing or plucking takes longer, more effort, and causes eye strain especially if you pluck or tweeze your own underarms.

Feel fresher, be fresher – freshness is a feeling you get after removal of unwanted hair. But with sugaring, you not only feel fresher, you will indeed be fresher because of the extra exfoliation from the sugar. You will love the feeling of hairlessness, and so will anyone you let close to touching your skin.

On the whole, sugaring seems to be the better alternative to shaving and waxing, and it is more efficient than tweezing and plucking. Sugaring wax is even edible because all it really is is heatened and caramelized sugar with a dash of lemon juice.

Sugaring is a must-try technique if you want to remove unwanted hair. There’s really nothing to lose, except your unwanted hair. For those who have switched to sugaring, their skin loves it; yours just might too.

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