Anti-itch Oil

For all its cleanliness and greenness, New Zealand is also shrouded by an enigma of itchy rash and spot-causing watchamacallits that even GPs, dermatologists, and infectious disease specialists cannot solve. You cannot go far without knowing of at least one person who has got old or new insect bite marks or rashes ranging from non-itchy […]

Lila’s Bug Spray

There are a number of natural bug spray recipes on the Internet, but I wanted to make something that covered a variety of bugs and not just one or two. The spray also had to smell acceptable – one that wasn’t too medicinal that others may think you’re sick receiving some sort of treatment if […]

Bugs-Away Foot Sole Serum

Citrus essential oils have wonderful insect repellent properties without necessarily being off-putting to the human nose. Who doesn’t find the smell of orange and lemons totally refreshing? However, citrus essential oils are known to cause photosensitivity when applied to skin areas that are exposed to sunlight, causing more harm than good for what it’s worth. […]