Fitflop Womens Toning Flip Flop Review: Do They Really Work?

The shoe industry has been setting a trend lately with toning footwear. After the toning rubber shoes, we should have seen toning slippers coming! The most popular brand is FitFlop. But like its rubber shoe counterpart, Sketcher’s Shape Ups, does FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flops live up to its name?

What You Want to Get Out of Toning Flip Flops

1) Comfort: comfort has to be of prime importance, otherwise you wouldn’t use it and benefit from it in the first place!

2) Style: although the main function of the FitFlop is to allow you to maximize the benefits of foot and leg motion from daily activities such as walking, you wouldn’t necessarily want it to seem like you’re kitted towards the gym all the time, so it’s only natural that you want to wear toning flip flops that are style savvy.

3) Fitness Factor: first and foremost, the main point of the toning flip flops are to aid you in your toning and exercising efforts.

The Features:

* Color: varying colors come with each specific style

* Price: US $44.95-$72.95

* Sizes: FitFlops come in US sizes 5-11

* Design: the body is made up of EVA foam which creates a certain “destabilizing effect”

* Attractions: FitFlop claims that their toning flip flops aid in posture and calf,leg, and activity of the gluteal muscles.

* Style: styles come in a wide range to suit different tastes, including suede, metallic leather, rhinestones, and sequins

Ratings from Real Users

The best selling status of the FitFlops speak for itself: customers are generally very satisfied! The people are buying them not only for their weight loss and fitness benefits but for their style and comfort as well.

Complaints, Anyone?

One of the few downsides to the FitFlop Toning Flip Flops is its whole size only-option. If half sizes are what suit you best, the manufacturers suggest that you go for the smaller one. Also, customers find that certain styles are a little on the narrow side and may not fit those with wide feet well. Lastly, due to the FitFlop’s height, they make an unsuitable choice for terrain walking of any kind.

Do They Work for Real?

There is no magic shoe or slipper that can help you shape up and lose weight, but in line with other toning footwear brands, FitFlop Flip Flops are made of EVA foam which creates the so-called “destabilizing effect” while you walk.

This means that they don’t work like a miracle, but their to-and-fro rocking motion will boost your muscle activity as you walk, helping you tone up earlier than you normally would without it.

When it comes to toning footwear, expert opinion is divided, with several stating that it’s the mere extra walking toning flip flop wearers do which makes the extra improvement in their fitness efforts.

However, lots of happy and satisfied customers have testified to feeling extra achey and tired after wearing them in their workout routines. With the flip flop’s design helping your feet “walk right” they say that is the best way to maximize the work of their foot, leg, muscle, and buttock muscles!

Whether to give FitFlop Women’s Toning Flip Flops a try is really up to you. A huge lot of happy customers swear by them, but as with any fitness equipment or gear, you’ll only experience results if you sweat it!

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