The Cost of Losing my Wallet in New Zealand Dollars

My wallet was stolen in the beginning of 2013 (not directly my fault) and got lost due to my own plain carelessness just days before 2013 ended.  So in one year, I have lost my wallet and all its valuable contents twice.

I thought that it wouldn’t hurt as much the second time around because I was already an expert in putting Humpty Dumpty back together again in no time, but I was wrong.

If it’s true that a penny saved is a penny earned, I will be crying over my saved pennies that would go into this additional, unnecessary, and completely avoidable expense.

Those hard earned pennies could have gone to more worthwhile and lofty budget allocations – such as the beginnings of a currently non-existent house down payment and emergency fund.

And despite my not (ever) being a math and accounting genius, this has not stopped me from quantifying the experience of losing my wallet has cost me:

Genuine leather pouch from Magnamail – nice item to have, it was just big enough to be able to fit my iPhone, car and house keys, driver’s license, one EFTPOS card and one credit card. It’s not flash in any way, but it sure was convenient.

As I just received this as a freebie from a Magnamail order, I won’t count this one. No hurt done.

AA membership card – not like I need to have my card on me to avail of the emergency Roadside Service, but its physical possession is required to get me petrol discounts at qualifying (and more expensive) gas stations when the cheaper petrol stations are either closed or nowhere to be found. And who doesn’t want to save a few cents on gas? Free to have replaced. Thank heavens!

Auckland library card – free to have replaced. Thank you New Zealand government. Don’t ever change.

Auckland Transport Hop card – that little thing that so conveniently gets me through buses, ferries, and trains with just a single tap whenever I commute sells for $10 when it’s not on sale, and $5 when it is. I got one at $10 and one at $5. And I lost BOTH! Can I say Grrr?

Kiwibank Mastercard Zero – $15

Kiwibank EFTPOS card – $15, but this second fee was waived because I lost two cards from the same bank. Gratitude given.

Westpac AMEX and Mastercard – $15 per card, but as I lost both cards from the same bank, they waived the fee of the second card. Aba dapat lang!

Gem Visa – $5 – my most gracious 6-month interest free credit card for purchases over $250, which also offered the most gracious penalty fee. Yes, grace in penalty fees! (What an irony).

New Zealand driver’s license – $38 – what can I expect? The more important, the more expensive. Just you wait for the next card.

Registered Nurse APC (Annual Practising Certificate) – $75 what a %#@!, criminal, rip-off. Just because I’m an RN doesn’t justify the fact that I have to pay more than half the price of what my full license fee cost me at $110, and the bloody plastic card is only good for ONE YEAR, unlike the driver’s license which is good for 10 years.

I fervently hope I’m not going to need my physical APC anytime this year because I will sure as hell hold off getting a replacement for it if I can avoid it; $75 is a lot of money for me and my family, and letting $75 fly away from my savings just like that doesn’t brush off that easily from my conscience.

So, the total cost of losing my wallet is: 178 NZ Dollars, 145.90 US dollars or 6,948 Philippine pesos at the currently very favourable exchange rate. It may or may not be much for some people, but for me…

The value of losing my wallet is:

  • 6.8 hours of work before tax
  •  89% of a fortnight’s worth of groceries for our family, or
  •  a whole months’ worth of basic groceries for an average Filipino family

Hurt much? *TEARS*

Is my wallet worth losing? For all that it means to me and how I intend to use that amount of money, (insert all imaginable curse words here) ____ absolutely not.

Hopefully, no more lost wallets for me from this year onward, and no more blog posts about lost wallets when you and I could be moving on to something else.

Because it’s not enough for me to just wish it doesn’t happen again but just do nothing about the root cause/s, which are:

  • Having no proper pockets
  • Thinking I already put it in my bag
  • Multitasking, to the point of
  • Being forgetful

Here’s what I’ve done about it, and I hope it works.



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