Anti-itch Oil


For all its cleanliness and greenness, New Zealand is also shrouded by an enigma of itchy rash and spot-causing watchamacallits that even GPs, dermatologists, and infectious disease specialists cannot solve. You cannot go far without knowing of at least one person who has got old or new insect bite marks or rashes ranging from non-itchy and non-spreading to the nerve-wrecking bothersome and psychologically disturbing I’m-being-eaten-alive feeling that just won’t leave you alone.

I am usually the least person in our family to get bitten by something, but lo and behold – an itchy spot on my hand. Ack! To scratch or not to scratch? It feels so good to just rip my skin off when they appear, but I know from experience that this is exactly how they leave annoying reminders of an itch attack long gone – even more annoying scars!

And when the said pesky bites / cursed spots / devilish rashes become so mentally distressing enough for me to Google, that is my cue to get off my bum and start doing something about it.

Enter anti-itch oil – nipping itchiness in the bud just a few moments before I can take it no longer and run my claws through my skin.

Any carrier oil can be used for this, but I chose extra virgin olive oil just because it is what I have with me at the moment. Fractionated coconut oil, refined sesame oil, grapeseed and sunflower oil are all good carrier oils to substitute for olive oil in this recipe.

I added castor oil at 25% for its itch-relieving properties. Castor oil has been used on its own to relieve skin itch, but for my family and I, I prefer something with a little extra punch.

For this very same reason, I added calendula oil and helichrysum essential oil for their healing properties to damaged skin.

And last but not the least, itch-relieving essential oils. There are a number of essential oils known to relieve skin itch, but I chose the combination of lavender, frankincense, geranium, clove, and chamomile roman because of their not too overpowering scent when combined, and again, it’s what I already have in my cabinet.

I always believe in maximizing what you’ve already got as opposed to heading out buying each and every ingredient for each and every little thing when what you have with you will work just fine. Feel free to substitute other essential oils with itch-relieving properties of your choice. Just make sure to steer clear of citrus oils if you are to apply this on skin that will get exposed to the sun. I blended the essential oils at a 1% dilution so that it would be safe enough to use on my toddler’s skin.


Anti-Itch Oil

30ml extra virgin olive oil
15ml castor oil
15ml calendula oil
1 drop helichrysum essential oil (optional)
3 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops geranium essential oil
1 drop clove essential oil
2 drops roman chamomile oil

Combine all ingredients in a 2-oz / 60ml glass dropper bottle and mix well. Apply a few drops as needed every time you feel the need to scratch. Good luck!

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