How to Stop Losing Your Wallet: 3 Nifty Tools that Might Help

As a result of losing my wallet twice, I decided to take some extra measures to help me:

  • remember where my essentials are at all times (basically: smartphone, keys, and money)
  • keep them on my person whether my clothes have pockets or not
  • build a subconscious habit of remembering what I have taken with me, and more importantly double checking those items are still with me before I leave a certain place

Hopefully by remembering to go through those three points wherever I am on this planet, I will be able to prevent future losses of these small but essential objects to my everyday life.

I have invested in the following tools to help me keep my bare essentials where they need to be, which is: with me, and not anywhere else. Period.

1. Undercover waist belt  – if you’re not a top-and-jeans type of person, more often than not you won’t have pockets to put your keys, phone, and wallet in. You can carry a purse or bag with you, but if you’re anything like me you’d rather not when these are all you really need to carry.

There is also an undercover neck case version that you can wear like a necklace under your shirt or top, but I’m not the type who wants things hanging around from my neck.

I purchased an undercover waist wallet so that I can keep these precious objects close to my waist (as opposed to dangling from my hand or shoulder) and enjoy a hands-free, hassle-free day. The only con: this wallet won’t look good in a torso hugging top, so I have to wear something loose when I use this.

2. Mobile wallet case – mobile phone and wallet are two separate items to remember and account for when it’s time to grab them and go. Why not merge the two so you’ll just have to remember one item?

If you own an iPhone and size matters to you, you’ll be more fortunate to be toting a smaller package around. But now that I own a Samsung Note 3, I’m still trying to get used to the fact that it won’t ever fit into an average sized pocket (and will look horribly bulky even if it did). Con one: the Samsung Note 3 is large enough as it is, and adding this wallet case to the picture makes it even larger (not to mention heavier).

I particularly purchased a wallet case with a wrist strap so if I do have to carry it around with me like a small purse, it can still hang around my wrist, and I still have to remember just one item.

Con two: what about my keys? That can probably fit into my pocket. No pockets? No problem – the last tool can help:

3. The Portapocket system – the Portapocket is a patented invention by a woman, for women who know what it feels like to have clothes without pockets and the need to carry stuff like your mobile, wallet, and keys with you wherever you go. But it can also be used by men! In fact there is a good review posted by this man on the official Portapocket website.

But Portapockets go beyond those basic objects. What if you also used an insulin or epinephrine pen, asthma inhaler, or just a perfume or lipstick that you can’t live without? IMHO, the Portapocket pretty much solves the problem once and for all. They sell Portapockets internationally on the official website, but Amazon sells them too.

Even if I already purchased the above two items I mentioned, I am SO getting this. I am just waiting for their Samsung Note pockets to come out. It’s more convenient, discreet, and flexible than an undercover waist wallet and smartphone wallet combined. You can read all about Portapocket and the awesome woman who invented it here.

Once I have made my purchase, I will do a review of how Portapocket works for me. But for now, I’ll practice forming this good new habit of keeping my phone, keys, and money with the help of the first two tools.

Cheers to never losing important stuff anymore!

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