3 Things To Do When Babies Cry For No Reason

If you’ve found yourself reading this article, there’s a good chance that your baby cries for no reason more often than you think you can handle and you are searching for help.

You know your baby is crying for no reason when he or she has already just been fed, has already napped, has a dry diaper, and you have been carrying, sitting, or putting them in different positions to calm them to no avail.

Just when you think you’ve done everything and given that they are not ill or sick during the times they cry, here are just a few more things you can try:

1. Change the scene – babies do get bored, especially when they are already attentive to their environment, absorbing life as it happens. Let them see new faces, hear new sounds, see new sights, or just switch favorite toys.

2. Calm them and wait – oftentimes there is a legitimate reason for why your baby is crying and he may really be hungry, sleepy, or have an ache somewhere. But you can’t meet their needs while they are upset, this is like trying to explain a situation to an angry adult while he is having a fit.

Doing so with your baby will just upset you as well. Just as you comfort a friend before giving them what they really need, comfort your baby first as well. They will come around sooner or later and be more responsive to your care.

3. Don’t force it – now that you aware of how they will be more receptive to what you have to offer once they calm down, babies are too young to understand discipline and during this stage you will just have to put up with the loud crying and restless moving and patiently let it pass.

Take milk feeding, for example. It is true that you can’t feed an upset baby. If you force it to their mouths at this time they might just associate the feeding with being an unpleasant and negative experience.

In closing, you must realize that no matter what you do or how good you try to efficiently meet your baby’s wants and needs, there will be episodes when they seem to be crying for reasons not known to you.

This is the only way they communicate, so since there is some sort of a “language gap,” between you, sensitivity and trial and error will be your two main allies to quell the crying but you’ll get better at this as you get to know each other better.

Baby cries can mean a lot of things, just be patient and it’s okay to take a break and let someone else temporarily take over when it’s already stressing you out.

Armed with strengthened resolve, just come back to him or her again with love. Try not to show signs of annoyance or irritation as much as you can. Eventually, he will stop crying and start smiling at you again.

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